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Return of the Mack

Don't call it a comeback
Return of the Mack

Welcome to OGs and OFZs, my daily newsletter (and sometimes more) covering a mix of Russia, Eurasia, macro, and the energy transition and recovery from COVID. That sounds like a lot (and it is!) but the aim is to break it down into bitesized chunks and, crucially, grab not just domestic developments to watch, but stuff on the international scene that will matter down to better link the two. Inevitably other things will creep in as well - expect some occasional US politics coverage - but the content will broken down by topic area each day. If you’re only up for the free plan, you’ll get the newsletter on Fridays and occasional other posts I put out. If you’re up for the daily newsletter, alas, you’ll have to pay $5/month or $50/year. But if you’re a student or professor, DM me on Twitter @ntrickett16 or else email me at nbtrickett@gmail.com and I’ll forward you the link for the academic discount (80% off).

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