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A Service Announcement

I'd like to flag that I'll be suspending the daily newsletter for the rest of the year. I was hoping to stop it on December 6, but I've fallen a fair bit behind on a project I need to turnaround and been juggling tons of things between a vow renewal ceremony in 3 weeks' time, wrapping up work with extant projects and pitches, and finally getting a look at my contract and onboarding materials for my new job as a commodities analyst with Fitch Solutions covering the metals & mining sector. The good news is that there seems to be more scope to do this kind of work independently, though I obviously can't at any point make use of or refer to internal data and materials, client data and materials, or else go too far contradicting a company view. But since the newsletter is written about political economy and foreign policy broadly and not, say, about sovereign credit ratings or aimed at the specific commercial functions of the company I will be working for, it shouldn't be too hard to negotiate that going forward. When interviewing, I was asked if I'd keep writing OGs and OFZs and I was quite clear that I'd like to but obviously within the bounds of what is permissible contractually. That hasn't been raised as a sticking point and, so far, I'm quite confident it can be done without being a problem.

I just need to get through the next few weeks and then take about a month off of daily work to cap off what's been a tremendously long, tiring, and difficult year and a half. I also need a little more time to think through how I'd like to repackage the daily product into a much more bite-sized form given time limitations and put more of the focus on blogging book reviews, analytic pieces, and reaction takes without necessarily worrying about a publication schedule as well as, hopefully, starting to release some email interviews and transcripts (eventually). Part of that balance is making sure to justify the subscription cost. Despite shutting down the daily newsletter till January, I still hope to post some odd blog posts that, for the most part, will probably be on the shorter side for me. I will also suspend payments for anyone paying monthly in December (and if you've paid an annual subscription, feel free to email me at nbtrickett@gmail.com. I'm happy to work out returning a bit of the sub as compensation or offering a discount off the next subscription.

One last thing – since this is transitioning to a more blog-focused platform than one built around longer analytic newsletters, please feel free to email me any time with ideas or questions that might lead to a piece. That goes doubly for anyone primarily focused on security issues hoping to better understand how to link price movements for oil or copper with tax reforms, mortgage subsidies, and more.

That's all I've got. Apologies for the shifting timeline. It's been a choppy couple of months for work.